Great menu and courteous staff make this a great dining destination that is off the beaten path. Today I am having the albondigas soup which is their house specialty.
Michael Wetmore via - Apr 4, 2018
Good food, fair price, good Margaritas ... read more
Patricia via - Apr 3, 2018
Recently moved to Rogue River & ...
Recently moved to Rogue River & Tarasco was one of the first places in town that we tried. Mexican food is one of our favorite dining out choices, so, we tend to be picky. This restaurant immediately passed our repeat customer requirements with the fresh chips, attentive, friendly service & delicious food. Have been back multiple tim ... read more
Teresa M. via - Apr 2, 2018
Enchilada lover
I live down the street from Tarascos so when the wind shifts those wonderful smells come my way. Decided to have a bite to eat the other night, chicken enchilada and ( normally would be beans and rice but I love their beans so much...More ... read more
rradnil via - Apr 1, 2018
Awesome Food and Service!!
Very good Mexican food..just the right amount of kick!! Friendly service and consistent proportions.
Dee H via - Mar 25, 2018
Ill be back ... read more
Jay Weaver via - Mar 21, 2018
The food was good, the plate was hot so the food stayed hot. The service was friendly and punctual. The salsa was not overly cilantroed to nastiness as so many are today. Overall, I'll be back for more!
Ellen Munson via - Mar 18, 2018
Ok food, good atmosphere ... read more
Estelle Loye via - Mar 1, 2018
Best Mexican Food and Margaritas from here to the Mississippi and the Rio Grande river!
Falice Spears via - Feb 26, 2018
decided to stop in for dinner after ...
decided to stop in for dinner after driving by. We got seated after about 10 minutes in a quieter area. Service was great and super fast. Everyone was super upbeat and food was amazing! I had the cheese enchiladas and they were sooooo good. I also had a strawberry daiquiri which was huge and tasted fabulous!
Cierra V. via - Feb 3, 2018
Good, but don't appeciate being 'nickel & dimed' on my bill!
Always an enjoyable lunch destination in the past, with good food, generous servings, and decent service. However, when we asked for extra salsa to wet down our taco salads, we were billed 20 cents for four tablespoons. Granted, 20 cents wouldn't be noticed by most,...More ... read more
Mark K via - Jan 26, 2018
Robin P via - Jan 23, 2018
Best salsa and horchata anywhere!!!!
Michael Watkins via - Jan 18, 2018
Best Mexican food in area! Love their Mole Enchiladas! Enjoy!
Helena Obbink via - Jan 16, 2018
My favorite tortilla soup in Rogue River ... read more
Sarah Talbott via - Jan 15, 2018
Friendly staff took a little while for our food to arrive but tasted good, clean facility ... read more
Life's Good via - Jan 15, 2018
Very tasty and the staff super friendly ... read more
BRYAN HOLMES via - Jan 7, 2018
Great food, service and prices!!!! ...
Great food, service and prices!!!! The portion sizes are plenty! The service is very personalized!
Tawnia L. via - Jan 5, 2018
Take out , easy
It was the first time we have tried their food. It was good, not great but we also did carry out which could be why. We will try again.
Chrissi T via - Jan 3, 2018
An excellent place to share a meal with your family! Great service, friendly faces and food that satisfies the palate.
Kirsten Hougland via - Dec 29, 2017
Their polo nachos are amazing ... read more
Genesis Thrasher via - Dec 27, 2017
Super food, great help ... read more
Larry Jones via - Dec 24, 2017
Great service here and the food is excellent. Much more authentic Mexican food than the Grants Passed variety of Mexican restaurants.
Dennis Perry via - Dec 12, 2017
Great food. Friendly staff. We eat there frequently.
Cindy Nagel via - Dec 7, 2017
Excellent service and food!!!
Tawnia Jensen-Lassere via - Dec 7, 2017
Always a good dining experience, good portions.
Raymond M. via - Nov 26, 2017
Nice meal, well done. Very reasonably priced ... read more
Ty Crow via - Nov 6, 2017
Just ordered takeout befor they closed; the service was very nice and the food was fantastic. The vegetarian burrito was bomb, and came with rice and chips and salsa, and for only $8 and change my girlfriend and I both ate well.
Peter Fucci via - Nov 5, 2017
Always consistently good food and ...
Always consistently good food and good service. Everything is good from soups to salsa ... read more
Lo D. via - Nov 5, 2017
Awesome as always ... read more
Rusty Atchley via - Oct 30, 2017
Good food. Friendly staff but if feels dark to me.
Linda Callahan via - Oct 25, 2017
Another outstanding meal. Even when the place is packed the food is outstanding. Hot and fresh. My favorite mexican restaurant.
Katherine Hayman via - Oct 19, 2017
Very nice people, and the food is excellent.
Jacqueline Barnes via - Oct 8, 2017
Great food and service!! Ask for Juan 😁 ... read more
Tracy Heard via - Oct 4, 2017
Yum ... read more
Tim Dinsmore via - Sep 23, 2017
(Translated by Google) Yummy Chicken la creme (Original) Yummy pollo la creme ... read more
Kali Hull via - Sep 17, 2017
Great food!
gari willey via - Sep 16, 2017
Yummy pollo la creme ... read more
Kali Hull via - Sep 14, 2017
I was visiting from Arizona, so I am surrounded by a lot of Mexican restaurants. I was honestly a little surprised to see one in little ol' Rogue River. But it definitely did not disappoint! I can't remember the exact thing I ordered but it...More ... read more
Trina R via - Sep 10, 2017
Our Mexican Food Fix
When we are craving Mexican food this is our go to place. Great lunch special, $5.99 changes daily and comes with chips and salsa, rice, beans. Juan the owner is super nice.
mogcambomama via - Sep 9, 2017
Great food and drinks ... read more
robert cotton via - Sep 8, 2017
Very sweet people here. Food is good & well priced. Try their bean & cheese tostado that has avocado slices.
Char Fine via - Sep 8, 2017
Great place to eat.
Awesome place to eat or drink. We are local so the owner knows that my wife can only eat certain items and he always remembers what she gets. You will not go wrong eating here.
philpipgras2017 via - Sep 6, 2017
Great food, one of my favorite mexican restaurants! I think there might be something wrong with the mushrooms.
Paul Murphy via - Sep 2, 2017
Good food & drinks but expensive for Mexican food. ... read more
Donna E via - Aug 25, 2017
Great food. Bar needs a little excitement... Music or at least turn on tvs lol ... read more
Chase Osbeck via - Aug 21, 2017
The only mexican food my wife and I dine out... very authentic and fresh. Juan and his help do a superb job!
Fitnessguru 9481 via - Aug 17, 2017
Totally love Tarasco, Juan, Maria and the crew. The food is always delicious!
Totally love Tarasco, Juan, Maria and the crew. The food is always delicious!
Susie Mathes Getz via - Aug 16, 2017
My family and I were on a grand journey home from Seattle to Riverside. The winding 5 led us hungry and mad. Feeling adventurous with an abundance of time we stopped in a little town called Rogue River. Hidden inside this town is this awesome little gem. Google maps suggested eats so we obliged and found the service here impeccable. ... read more
jeffrey marshall via - Aug 3, 2017
This is my favorite Mexican restaurant ...
This is my favorite Mexican restaurant. I usually get the crab enchiladas or Mole enchiladas. Both are super yummy.
Crystal H. via - Aug 3, 2017
After an exhausting day with the country Crossings Music Festival as a vendor I will say the restaurant was clean, the food was incredible, service johnny-on-the-spot will definitely recommend coming back ... read more
Kathryn Doan via - Jul 30, 2017
Excellent service and food ... read more
Emie B via - Jul 30, 2017
Excellent food and customer service. Nice vibe ... read more
Deborah Lockhart via - Jul 19, 2017
An unpretentious restaurant with ...
An unpretentious restaurant with a separate bar. For lunch I ordered the Chicken Fajita that came with rice, refried beans, salad, guacamole, sour cream & a dessert: flavored whipped cream on a small cracker-like triangle of pastry. The well-cooked chopped chicken on a bed of peppers and onions was served sizzling hot on an iron skil ... read more
R M. via - Jul 17, 2017
Excellent Mexican restaurant. Lots ...
Excellent Mexican restaurant. Lots of good food to choose from. Hotels give out coupon cards which was great too. We had steak fajitas and steak quesadilla. Didn't get sick later which is a huge plus ha ha. We had enough to take back to our hotel too. For two the price was $30 and they serve a free little dessert too. It's also very ... read more
Kimberly C. via - Jul 16, 2017
Loved the food, service and atmosphere! Definitely apart of the Rouge River experience!
Loved the food, service and atmosphere! Definitely apart of the Rouge River experience!
Mary Petrella via - Jul 14, 2017
BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER! ! Salsa is like crack delicious
BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER! ! Salsa is like crack delicious ... read more
Georgeanna Kourkos via - Jul 11, 2017
The food is wonderful and the prices are reasonable. And they make a killer Margarita!!
The food is wonderful and the prices are reasonable. And they make a killer Margarita!!
Carol Collins via - Jun 22, 2017
Great food, consistent, friendly people.
Deanna George via - May 30, 2017
We eat here about once a week.
We eat here about once a week. Best Mexican food around. Friendly atmosphere. Wish they would allow the $1 Tuesday tacos outside the bar as we have a toddler and can't sit in the bar. But overall their food is very flavorful. Family friendly restaurant.
Quayann B. via - May 25, 2017
The atmosphere amd food are amazing. They support their local sports and conmunity events as well which is a major benifit to the community as well. The pricing is decent as well. On top of that there is a bar area that is well stocked to boot.
William Bartholomew via - May 22, 2017
Great Small Town Restaurant ... read more
Gma B via - May 21, 2017
Really great food, amazing staff and cozy atmosphere. ... read more
Miranda Hanscom via - May 20, 2017
Great Small Town Restaurant ... read more
Aleda Brandt via - May 20, 2017
This place is so gooood ... read more
Marcee Rotino via - May 19, 2017
This place is so gooood ... read more
Marcee Robinell via - May 17, 2017
Great food service and drinks.
kara scholer via - May 12, 2017
Food was watery high priceing have to pay .85 for a damn shell that should already come with a taco salad. Service was great ... read more
Daniel Kuester via - May 8, 2017
Friendly fast service, traditional American Mexican Fair.
Friendly fast service, traditional American Mexican Fair.
Eean Levin via - May 5, 2017
Fast friendly service traditional Mexican American fare. Would definitely come back next time I'm in town.
Eean Levin via - May 5, 2017
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